Student Scientific and Technical Society

In the Volzhsky Polytechnic Institute in 2002 with a Student’s Scientific and Technical Society (SSTS). It is created to widely attract students and staff to research, design and technological work, coordinating the work of VPI (branch) VSTU and find ways to improve training.

Chair of SSTS Board is the head of «Chemistry and General Chemical Technology» school, Professor, Doctor of Chemistry Gennady Butov. Secretary of the Board is Senior Lecturer VTPE Utkin Catherine E. Council structure SSTS can be seen in the table. Council SSTS has prepared a stand SSTS of VPI, which is located in building «B» Volzhsky Polytechnic Institute (branch) VSTU, reflecting the work of the council SSTS of VPI, as well as performing the role of publicising of the information. The Council of SSTS is responsible for informing those involved in the scientific research in their schools, informs the schools about the upcoming student conferences in our country and abroad.

Ongoing work of the Council is reflected in the newspaper SSTS of VPI «Volzhsky Polytechnic».

You can contact us by e-mail where to express their wishes and suggestions with «for the Council of SSTS» in the subject line.