Extra-studies activity

The extra studies department

The task of any institute is not only education of a good specialist but a person who aims at self-education and becoming communicative, active member of the society.

The extra studies department of VPI has to help students to find the mentioned qualities (in addition to professional qualification). It’s worth saying the department copes with the task perfectly.

Upbringing — studies and extra-studies — planned activity of the whole pedagogic staff for creative educational atmosphere.

Extra-studies — work of teachers and special departments of the institute connected with promotion of curricular and extra-curricular activity for educational aims (individual, professional, social, cultural, sporting).

The main subdivisions of the institute occupied with upbringing and extra-studies:

  • extra-studies department;
  • offices of deans and chairs;
  • student council;
  • trade-union committee of students;
  • newspaper “Volzhsky Polytechnic”;
  • student TV “VPI-Art”;
  • the centre of creative development of youth;
  • the scientific research society of students;
  • the chair of sports of VPI;
  • mobile group;
  • “Ecos”.

Kinds of work:

  • cult-mass and sports activity;
  • promotion of student life traditions;
  • image-making activity of VPI in the region and town;
  • patriotic and social upbringing of students;
  • propaganda of sports;
  • anti-AIDS, anti-drug addiction activity;
  • assistance with student societies and student research organizations;
  • cooperation with the youth policy and patriotic work committee, with enterprises and social organizations of Volzhsky and Volgograd, with mass media.

The result of all kinds of work is 60 different actions during a year (inside and outside of VPI regarded as municipal), some of them are well-known among inhabitants of Volzhsky: “Mr. and Miss VPI”, professional celebrations and birthday parties of the departments, concerts of the “KVN” team of VPI, “The Day of Knowledge”, and “Days of Open Doors”, “The Initiation Day”, charity performances and actions devoted to veterans of the Great Patriotic War, conferences of young scientists and students, sports competitions and others.

Additional subdivisions of the extra-studies department:

  • student board (Anastasiya Stepanova, the chairman of the board in 2012-2013 );
  • mobile group (Andrew Ivanov, the commander since 2011);
  • the centre of creative development of youth (L. V. Gribova, the head of the centre);
  • the hostel.