Student Constructor Bureau

Areas of work:

  • small-scale hydro power;
  • using wind and solar energy;
  • development of eco-friendly technologies.

Projects being developed:

  • construction of small hydroelectric power station at wastewater treatment plants in Volzhskiy;
  • the use of wind energy:
    • energocomplex «WTEP — small HPP-HPSPP» in the gulf cut off from the Volgograd reservoir;
    • wind electrical parts in Volgograd Region;
  • protection of hydro power equipment from fouling;
  • water supply of the floodplain of Volga and Akhtuba rivers;
  • hydrogen — energy of the future;
  • the use of biological resources in the region for energy production;
  • REREL (Regional Energy Research and Education Landfill);
  • heat pump + energy savings;

You can contact us by e-mail:, with «for SCB of VPI» in the subject line.