Our work

Newspaper of VPI

The newspaper “Volzhsky Polytechnic” has been published since 2000. In different times the editorial staff was headed by V.V. Bakaev, Ann Oblogina,

Konatantin Karapetyan (in present the editor of the town newspaper “Volzhskaya Pravda”)

Igor Paschkevich (a vice-editor of the town newspaper “Volzhskaya Pravda”)

Irina Lysenok (in present works in town media centre)

Since December 2012 — Anna Chereschneva (a student, group VMS-338). Artyom Tyrtyshnyy, design and make-up.

Nowadays “Volzhsky Polytechnic” is a quarterly paper of eight pages. Preparing work is made up by a wide staff of freelancers including the director of VPI prof. V. F. Kablov and other research fellows and students.

Every department has its own heading (“AMF and EEF present...”) where weekly the dean of EEF E. A. Prikhodko and the dean of AMF V. E. Kostin try to represent the life of their departments as real as it is possible.

Subpaper “Ourselves” is released with a traditional motto: “School — today, Polytekh — tomorrow” with information for future students of VPI.

The essential principles of our work are tolerance, patriotism, democracy, humanism necessary for a really educated person!

In other words read and see! A newspaper is issued every three months with the exception of special issues.


VPI-Art studio was founded in 2002 by Victor Feodorovitch Kablov, Aleksey Sinkov, Svetlana Korovina and Roman Titov.

The tasks of VPI-Art are video films production, news “100-TV” and others, video and soundtrack for PR activity and photo design. The main disadvantage is fluctuation of staff: students graduate from the institute... But on the other hand it may be considered as an advantage — our graduates are everywhere. Tens of them connected with VPI-Art in the past by just now have found themselves in good places for living.

O. D. Balbina, the head of the VPI-Art studio, vice-director, the head of the extra studies department.

Ecological guard “Ecos”

Student Ecological guard “Ecos” of VPI is famous for its activity out of the town and region. The founder (2001) of Ecos is the director of VPI prof. V. F. Kablov, A.V. Lysenok — manager of the guard, safety devices instructor, D. Tchirskov — the commander of the guard. The guard is filled up with specially trained volunteers annually. Staff — 20 people.

The main activity is devoted to the Volga: oil damage works, bank reinforcing, etc. “Ecos” has had in its activity reinforcing Lake Elton in the district of Pallasovka, oil damage works at a plant “Khimvolokno”, ecological restoration in different regions of Russia: Nizhnyy Novgorod, Samara, Chuvash Republic, Kalmuck Republic, Taman, Krasnodar (summer 2012).

“Ecos” is famous in the home town for actions “Pure Town”, “Pure Bank”, “Anti-black ice” (a new anti-black ice treatment was tested), for planting trees, for elimination of uncontrolled dumps and fire dangerous sectors in industrial zone.

In 2012 on the base of “Ecos” a subdivision of volunteers (a fire brigade of volunteers FBV “Storm”) was organized. Special training with professionals (firemen, rescue team) is held regularly.

“Ecos” has its own autonomous electric power station, pumps, compressors, a large stock of sorbents, emergency blocking, bio preparations, equipment for life-support system (tents, field cook-house, uniform, chemical laboratory, video) and is able to work in any weather conditions.

“Ecos” is rewarded with diplomas and letters of thanks from the government of Volgograd region, from the town council of Volzhsky, from the Ministry of Emergency in Volgograd region; the Prize of V. I. Vernadsky Fund and the State committee of Duma on Ecology.